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Tomorrow's Company is known as a ‘think’ and ‘do’ tank because it deals not only in ideas but in implementation, working with companies as they put new thinking into practice. Every piece of work is grounded in the reality of business and tested against the prospects for its execution.

Tomorrow's Company was born out of The Royal Society of Arts. It all started with a talk at the RSA by Charles Handy in December 1990 entitled "What is a Company For?". This led to the publiciation of the original Tomorrow's Company Inquiry report and the formation of the Centre for Tomorrow's Company in 1995. Charles Handy updated his thinking 12 years later in an article in the Harvard Business Review:"What is a Business For?"

Growth International has been a member of Tomorrow's Company for over 10 years. We have contributed towards Tomorrow's Company activities in the areas of: reporting, measurement, and corporate governance. We have contributed to Tomorrow's Company international activities and introduced its research to strategic thinkers and leaders in South Africa and Ghana. We facilitated two consultations in Joburg and Cape Town for the Tomorrow's Global Company inquiry.

Currently Peter Desmond is one of the project managers on the "Beyond Accounting" project.

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Tomorrow's Company
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