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Management Information

Linking measurement systems with corporate strategy

Improved performance depends upon quality information

Are you happy with the focus of your management information?

How much of your management reporting is produced by the accounts department? Do you consider non-financial criteria when you measure your corporate success e.g. how well are you building your customer relationships? How far do your remuneration schemes link satisfactorily to the performance of each business unit? What levels of profitability do your individual customers and products achieve? How much management effort is wasted on non-core and non-value added processes in your company? To what extent are your people and systems resources utilised effectively? Are you making the most of your corporate data, which may have proliferated across a variety of systems in an uncoordinated manner?

How can you benefit from improved performance measurement?

Our review, recommendation and implementation methodology will help you to:Develop a balanced approach towards the measurement of corporate success Set up a series of key performance indicators that will provide managers with a method of controlling their business unit with the knowledge they are contributing towards the overall corporate mission Influence behaviour throughout the organisation Translate high level objectives into measures relevant to each business unit member Facilitate the use of multi-disciplinary teams across the business Stages of a Performance Measurement Programme

Strategic Development

Understand the culture of your organisation - what is the corporate glue? Confirm the company vision - what are you in business for? Determine the company mission - what are your long and medium-term objectives? Establish plans and benchmarks for each indicator - what are you aiming for?

Analysis and planning

Evaluate the existing management information - who gets what, when and why? Document the existing data production processes - where is the key data held? Produce overall outcome measures - how do your stakeholders evaluate you? Identify the critical success factors - what do you need to do well to succeed? Summarise the key business processes - how does the company make its money? Link key performance indicators to the processes - keeping an eye on the ball.


Construct information architectures - integrate the indicators to the data. Where do gaps exist with information technology - what investment is required? Summarise the barriers to achieving the targets - what do we need to overcome? Detect the root causes of these barriers - why are you underachieving? Put into place a prioritised action plan - you can't cure every problem at once! Cascade the process throughout the organisation - it's all about communication! Allow everyone to participate, as they are able, and celebrate your achievements!

"A more balanced approach to performance measurement"