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Many companies are now developing strategies and programmes for Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Responsible Business Practices.

We have been involved in this area of business for over 10 years, particularly as members of Tomorrow's Company.

Language in this area is important but it is best not to get too preoccupied with this. We have coined the phrase "Sustaining Success" to highlight that success (however it is defined) needs to be sustained over the longer-term through broad strategic approach.

Business in the Community suggests a four-fold model:

  • Marketplace
  • Workplace
  • Environment
  • Community

In collaboration with West London Business we have developed a series of training and support programmes on the subject of Corporate Responsibility or CSR

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and is a more widely-used term than Corporate Responsibility. Yet the topic covers much more than just the social impact of a company's business.

One of our associates, Bill Tate of Conduct Becoming, has developed a manual entitled "A Practical Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility". In it he outlines his view of CSR:

"Corporate social responsibility (CSR) helps organisations conduct their business in a way that brings them benefits while also benefiting those who are affected by their activities - their many ‘stakeholders’.

"CSR has a number of strands: economic, environmental and ethical as well as social. The word ‘social’ is sometimes dropped, leading to CR for corporate responsibility, but the scope remains the same. There are other terms too; all imply a duty or compliance focus. But CSR is also about creating opportunities for business in new socially aware markets.

"A business needs to satisfy investors of capital, but companies are not just profit-making vessels for shareholders. They have other responsibilities. These include treating employees with respect, limiting damage to the environment, and acting with integrity towards customers. This formula is good for the business and its investors, as well as for society."

Services that we are now offering include:

Developing and Implementing CSR Policies and Practices - working with your top team in putting into practice the key policies that assist your company to be a responsible business and increase your brand value.

Winning Olympic Tenders with CSR - What does CSR mean for you, your business and your communities? Developing a CSR policy and putting into practice in your company. Identifying Olympic Tendering opportunities for SMEs - how to keep in the loop of emerging tenders - particularly lower tier & supply chain opportunities. How to complete the tender documents to optimise potential successWhat is required to meet the LDA’s criteria for their Olympic tenders: value for money, innovation, sustainability and inclusion. Other sources of support – WLB website, tender information, Business LinkCollaborating with other businesses to bid as a consortium