Growth International - organisational and personal development

The Growth International consulting team is made up of Directors and Associates. We generally work on a project basis. Teams come together depending upon the skills and outcomes required. We also work on a 121 basis whether as a coach, mentor, or counsellor.


Peter Desmond MA (Oxon) FCA MBA FRSA - Director of Organisational Growth

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Chris Lee - Director of Personal Growth

Andrew Owen - Non-Executive Director


Ricarda Baldock - marketing and technical support

Steve Mullins - Marketing, Strategy, SME Adviser

Jo Heigho - HR, Coach

Bill Tate - Corporate Responsibility, Strategy

Steve Mathews - Marketing, Sales, Mentor

Lindsay  Wittenberg - Coach

Katharine St John-Brooks - Coach

Tim Southern - Finance

John MacLaren - Finance, SME Adviser

Haleem Ossman - Finance, Accounting, Taxation

Katherine Van Wyk - HIV AIDS Prevention and Life Skills Education (South Africa)

Karin Webber - Project Manager Youth Action Xchange

Christina Marcham - HIV/AIDS Researcher (UK)

Jim Devlin - New Media (South Africa)

Retha Alberts - Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring (South Africa)

Roger Stewart - Strategy (South Africa)